Camila Cabello: ‘Healthy and fat skin is a woman’s natural beauty’

The “Havana” singer responded to comments and disparaging comments about her body on social networks.

On August 4, Camila wrote on Instagram: “The public has a misconception about women’s body standards. Cellulite and fat skin are normal. They are a woman’s natural beauty.”

According to Hollywood Life, Camila posted the post after photos of her wearing a bathing suit in Miami in late July were posted online.

In a photo taken from behind, the female singer revealed that her thigh skin had many bumps and was not slim. Many international forums shared the photo with disparaging comments.

Camila Cabello went swimming in Miami city at the end of July. Photo: Mega.

The singer said: “My body is not perfect. My body is not carved from stone or full of solid muscles. There will always be photos and angles that reveal weaknesses.

I feel sad when young girls do everything they can to have unrealistic bodies. They constantly see edited photos and mistake them for real.”

Camila Cabello, 22 years old, is a Cuban singer. She was once known as a member of the group Fifth Harmony, participating in the American version of The X Factor. In 2018, Camila became a world music phenomenon after the success of the song Havana.

In June, she and Shawn Mendes released the song Señorita which attracted more than 395 million views on the YouTube platform. After the MV, the two were caught making love many times in public places.

Rumors about Camila and Shawn’s love story have appeared since 2015, when the pair collaborated on the hit song I Know What You Did Last Summer. The two have repeatedly denied dating.

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