Billie Eilish – The face of the vegan version of the Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag advertising campaign

Continuing to join hands with Gucci, Billie Eilish became the “muse” in the Italian fashion house’s new bag campaign, and became the first person to touch the famous Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag, with a new version made from pure materials. vegetarian.

Since Sabato De Sarno, Gucci’s new creative director, began taking over the massive legacy, after the end of Alessandro Michele’s reign, he has re-established a new DNA segment for the Italian fashion house.

Without erasing all of Gucci’s unique creative characters that have existed for decades, Sabato uses the old as the foundation for the new.

Sabato began the journey of unearthing a treasure trove of heritage and creative values from many years ago that brought endless inspiration to the new Creative Director to establish his own new era.

And Gucci’s recent Spring Summer 2024 collection says it all. From clothes, materials to jewelry, everything is reinterpreted in a completely new way.

The most recent is the Horsebit 1955 bag with a new version made with a vegan alternative to leather, also known as Demetra.

The birth of the new version from Horsebit 1955 also marks an important milestone for Gucci’s sustainability efforts.

On October 30, Gucci released a short video, opening the launch of the brand’s new Horsebit bag.

In a few short minutes, next to the “main character” and the new bag was the appearance of Gen Z female singer Billie Eilish as the representative face of the campaign.

With background music from the song “What Was I Made For?” of Billie himself, the Italian fashion house brings films full of generosity, youthfulness and Gen Z style, completely different from the fantasy moments of the maximalism dynasty that Alessandro has built.

Appearing in the promotional clip, Billie shines with her true personality in daily activities, with an appearance covered in Gucci from head to toe such as clothes, hats and a new handbag.

“I am honored to be a part of Gucci’s evolution, into a new era. It was a new experience of a spirit that is not afraid of challenges and it was really important to me.” singer Billie Eilish shared with Vogue magazine.

Gucci has long been Billie Eilish’s favorite fashion brand. The American singer-songwriter often wears the “GG” monogram print or  at every event, from prestigious red carpets to prestigious award shows.

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning young artist appeared on the red carpet at last year’s Met Gala wearing a gown by the Italian fashion house, inspired by Regency and made from recycled satin; or at the LACMA Art + Film Gala last November with a sleeping mask and blanket printed with a pattern of two interlocking Gs.

When she took the stage to win the “Best Original Song” category with her brother Finneas O’Connell last year, the talented singer wore a custom black pleated Gucci dress.

Not stopping there, Billie was once the face of an advertising campaign for Gucci’s eyewear collection.

It all seems to prove that Billie’s appearance in a new collaboration with the Italian fashion house is obvious, not too explained.


Billie Eilish in eyewear campaign for Gucci

Besides, as someone who has long been outspoken and has practical actions and thoughts on environmental issues, Billie is the answer that Sabato and Gucci in the new era are looking for in the campaign. promote handbags made from vegan materials.

Having been a vegetarian since she was 12 years old, Billie Eilish can be considered an influential “voice” for young people in campaigns calling for environmental/animal protection.

The owner of the hit song “Bad Guy” has many times cleverly used his popularity to support the trend of green living, wearing vegan fashion, as well as saying no to using quality clothing. materials from animals.

In 2021, Eilish partnered with Nike to create sustainable sneakers – an exclusive Air Jordan edition that is 100% vegan and made from 20% recycled materials.

A year ago, she also collaborated with H&M on a sustainable Merch collection.

The female singer’s perfume line is a collaboration with the Parlux brand, with a commitment to absolutely not use animal-based fragrances.

In 2021, PETA – the Association for the Protection of Animal Rights – officially announced Billie Eilish as “Person of the Year”, in recognition of her positive contributions in spreading vegan and sustainable fashion trends. solid.

With the “ace card” Billie Eilish, surely Sabato and Gucci not only vouch for the brand’s commitment to the new direction of a more ethical, sustainable fashion future, but also succeed in their work. rejuvenation”, quickly created a buzz in the young fashion community.

In the promotional video, there are not only one but two Gucci Horsebit 1955 bags with Demetra material. One is black, the other is light brown with highlights from the familiar monogram print.

With a new asymmetrical shape, the Horsebit 1955 bag, is marked with an equestrian symbol from the archives.

The new Horsebit 1955 bag includes a tanning process that is free of heavy metals and chromium, and the hardware and metal details on the bag are sourced from at least 30% recycled brass alloy and the finish is 100% recycled. recycled gold and palladium.

Other components include proven cotton lining, hemp lining and certified Econyl made from regenerated nylon, with the Econyl used coming from recycled manufacturing scraps through the Gucci-Up program.

Besides, the manufacturing process also ensures that no dyes and pigments or dangerous chemicals are emitted, the recycled cotton dust bag is also made of recycled polyester.


Both bag styles are modified from the structure of the old Gucci Horse 1955, combined with a change to more environmentally friendly materials.

Demetra materials undergo a two-year production process, ethically crafted by Gucci artisans in Italy.

This alternative is 75% plant-based, including viscose, wood pulp and plastic made from non-GMO and responsibly sourced corn (which means it has a lower impact when it occurs). climate change and water pollution).

Demetra is a patented and trademarked material. It is known that the name was chosen by former creative director Alessandro Michele, inspired by Greek mythology and Demeter – goddess of agriculture, nature, harvest and prosperity.

Demetra is produced at Gucci’s Gruppo Colonna factory based in Tuscany. A joint venture with Gucci since October 2019, the brand owns 51% of Gruppo Colonna.

As part of Gucci’s commitment, any remaining greenhouse gas emissions associated with Demetra are redirected to protect and restore forests and biodiversity.

The Italian fashion house has affirmed that this material is soft, durable, elastic, flexible, supple and can be used for all types of products, from shoes and accessories to handbags, or even clothes. .

That’s right, this isn’t Demetra’s first appearance at Gucci. Before the new version of the Horsebit 1955 bag was released, Gucci successfully tested this material with the launch of three sneaker styles.

In the Demetra “test” on its first bag, in addition to its commitment to the environment and orientation to a sustainable fashion cycle, Gucci also expressed its honor and desire to protect traditional leather craftsmanship. system.

In fact, to further strengthen its sustainability commitments, Gucci made a “significant” (though undisclosed) donation to Support + Feed, a nonprofit organization run by Eilish was founded by Maggie Baird to fight food insecurity and climate issues through a plant-based food system.

Gucci’s sneaker is made of Demetra

Of course, Gucci isn’t the only luxury brand exploring vegan alternatives to leather. Back in 2021, Hermès partnered with MycoWorks to launch the Victoria in Sylvania shopping bag, a bio-based material made from mycelium or mushroom roots.

Meanwhile, Stella McCartney has been working on a series of new innovations, including Mylo, also made from mushroom mycelium, and Mirum, a 100% bio-based alternative made from plants and minerals, including including natural rubber, cork and coconut shell.

However, with many of these innovations, production scale is problematic. (Bolt Threads, the maker of Mylo, confirmed in June that it has now discontinued production due to lack of funding.) However, Gucci’s Demetra is the exact opposite.

According to Gucci, there will not be any obstacles in terms of growing the quantity of this material; Because Demetra is made from widely available inputs, as well as existing tanning processes, it will not face the same challenges as other new alternative materials.

Do Dory

According to Vogue, WWD, Hypebeast

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