Billie Eilish reveals Daniel Craig ‘had to approve’ her Bond song as she prepares to sing it at the Brits tonight

BILLIE Eilish has revealed that Daniel Craig “had to approve” her Bond theme song.

The 18-year-old star is gearing up to perform the track live for the first time at tonight’s Brit Awards.

Billie appeared on BBC Breakfast earlier today

Billie appeared on BBC Breakfast earlier today to reveal the writing process behind No Time To Die, which shares the name of the 25th Bond movie due for release in April.

Appearing alongside her producer and co-writer brother Finneas O’Connell, the teen shared: “We’ve been wanting to make a Bond song for years.

“I remember at the beginning of last year we told our whole team that if any Bond things come up we want to be involved if we can possibly be.”

Finneas added: “There are few things as desirable as doing a Bond song and we didn’t take the opportunity lightly.

The teen wrote the song with her brother

“We really just tried to work as hard as we could to prove ourselves worthy of that.”

And it wasn’t just the film’s creators that had to approve of the song, with James Bond actor Daniel Craig also having a say.

Finneas explained: “He had to like it. If Daniel doesn’t like it then you don’t get the job.”

Billie continued: “He has a big say in it, we learned that from this. He’s really involved.

Bond actor Daniel Craig had to have final approval Credit: Splash News

“We haven’t met him but he’s got to like it before they move on.”

The siblings wrote the haunting track over three days while on a tour bus in Texas, having previously struggled to feel inspired in the studio.

Tonight, Billie will perform the track live for the first time at the Brit Awards in London – and the Grammy-award winning star revealed that she is nervous about the big debut.

Billie will perform No Time To Die for the first time at tonight’s Brit Awards Credit: AFP – Getty

Billie Eilish releases her James Bond theme song, No Time To Die

She shared: “I’m so scared.

“We’ve never performed it ever, so it feels so weird that it’s in the public, especially now that I’m performing it and I’m hitting a note I’ve never hit before. I’m scared.”

The Brit Awards air tonight at 8pm on ITV, with Harry Styles and Lizzo also among the performers

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