Billie Eilish Revealed Which Of Her Songs Is Partially About Olivia Rodrigo

“I was just thinking about her when I was writing it. She was coming up, and she was younger than me, and nobody had ever been younger than me,” Billie added with a laugh.

Billie Eilish revealed that she wrote a song partially inspired by Olivia Rodrigo.

Of course, Olivia is just over a year younger than Billie and similarly hit huge success as a teenager. Olivia previously described Billie as “really sweet and supportive” when it came to industry advice.

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Speaking to the LA Times about Olivia, Billie said, “I think everybody’s experiences are so individual.”

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“Nobody has had anybody else’s life, you know? But I do feel a protectiveness over Olivia,” she continued.

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“I have a song called ‘Goldwing’ from my last album that’s kind of about her. I’ve never said that to anyone. It’s not only about her. I was just thinking about her when I was writing it. She was coming up, and she was younger than me, and nobody had ever been younger than me,” Billie added with a laugh.

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In case you’ve never heard the song “Goldwing,” it includes lyrics such as “Go home, don’t tell / Anyone what you are / You’re sacred and they’re starved / And their art is gettin’ dark / And there you are to tear apart.”

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“Olivia was getting big, and she was just, like, this little dainty child,” Billie continued. “I felt so nervous. I was worried about her. She came up in that acting world, and people are so weird. I don’t know — I just felt very protective over her. And I feel that way to everyone.” In fact, Billie added that Ariana Greenblatt — the teenager who plays Sasha in Barbie — is “16, and I literally want to cry about her sometimes.”

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“I just see myself in all these young girls. And it’s the girls, man. Boys can handle themselves. They’re dudes — they don’t have to deal with it like we do,” Billie said. “I just want to hold everybody in a little glass box and never let anything touch them.”

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You can read the full interview with Billie here.

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