Billie Eilish Apparently Had “No Idea” Who She Was With Blonde Hair

The singer feels much more at home with fluorescent hues.

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By Sophia Vilensky Published 6 Hours Ago

While rumor has it that blondes have more fun, Billie Eilish isn’t necessarily the biggest fan—when it comes to her personal style, anyway.

Although she became one of the biggest stars of the 2023 Barbie resurgence with her song “What Was I Made For,” the tune reminds the 21-year-old to run far away from her former hair color.

In an interview for the Los Angeles Times’ Envelope magazine published Tuesday, November 14, Eilish shared that her once-platinum blonde hair felt ‘like a costume,” and not in a good way.

The singer first premiered the look in March 2021, sharing a photo captioned “pinch me” that broke an internet record for quickest Instagram post to reach a million likes.

While fans went wild for a bleach-blonde Eilish, her own feelings about the situation were much different.

A blonde Billie Eilish in September 2021. (Image credit: Getty)

“At first it was fun. I was really excited for the blond era—like, Blond Billie is gonna be so cool. But it did not go how I wanted it to go,” the Grammy winner said in the article. “I completely had no idea who I was.”

Eilish went on to share that she got “swallowed up into” the aesthetic. Though she felt better after cutting the blonde hair short, dying her hair brown didn’t do the trick either.

Eventually, she went back to black—the color, often worn alongside a bright hue, that she was first known for—and felt her creative passion restored. That’s when she wrote her Barbie track.

These days, Eilish’s hair is still dark. She’s also back to supplementing her black locks with fluorescent colors (most recently, she’s been sporting bright red roots) as she did early in her career. According to the singer, it’s easy to correlate certain memories with her hair color from the time.

“2019, that period of my life when I dyed my hair green, I was completely unstoppable,” she shared in her LA Times article. “I felt like I was on the moon.”

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