Because of this, Kylie Jenner lost the title of “Beauty Boss” to Lisa (BLACKPINK), causing fierce debate in the online community.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) continuously achieved more achievements in her career, despite the surrounding controversies.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is currently at the center of controversy because of her decision to perform at Crazy Horse strip club, Paris.

Many people think that Lisa is an adult and has the right to do whatever she wants, but there are also many opinions that worry that BLACKPINK’s youngest member’s decision will have a negative impact on a group of young fans.

Amidst the controversy, Lisa still achieved a series of new achievements in her career. On October 5, the female idol born in 1997 won the “Beauty Mogul of the Year” award at the 2023 Influencer Magazine Awards taking place in the UK.

She surpassed many other strong candidates, including the famous self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner.

Lisa received the “Beauty Mogul of the Year” award…

… vượt mặt đối thủ Kylie Jenner

Right from her debut, Lisa made a strong impression with her sharp face


Over time, Lisa’s beauty has increasingly improved. She was voted “The most beautiful face in the world 2021” by TC Candle website.


Now the youngest member of BLACKPINK has switched to a more bold and sexy style, and from here her beauty has also improved significantly.

Not only that, Lisa was also honored by the Thai Ministry of Culture with the honorary Wattanakunathorn award (cultural ambassador leader).

Thai Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich praised Lisa for creating a trend among Thai and international fans.

What Lisa represents acts as a form of soft power that helps stimulate cultural tourism and generate revenue for local communities.

Besides, Lisa also became the first and only Kpop artist to surpass 98 million followers on Instagram.

The Thai Ministry of Culture honored Lisa for promoting Thai culture to the world

The female idol also achieved a record number of followers

Many people congratulate Lisa on new milestones in her career, but there are still many people who criticize her:

“People call her a positive role model for young people while she does striptease in bars”

“She spread culture by stripping for money”

“So these people consider stripping to be honorable and praiseworthy?”

“Will Lisa wear a Crazy Horse wig to the awards ceremony?”…


Lisa’s decision to perform at a strip club has been a hot topic for a long time

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